07 – Jessi Baker

Join top selling author and futurist, Mark Stevenson and leading sustainability expert, Ed Gillespie as they ask better questions to help us all imagine and build a better future. It’s not about keeping calm and carrying on, no, it’s about getting excited and doing things.

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Show Notes

Brought to you from the sizzling delights of a Sichuan restaurant near Kings Cross in London, the Futurenauts ponder the provenance of the delights to be served and consider what we know about where our food (or anything else for that matter) really comes from. Enter, stage left, the wonderful Jessi Baker, who through the wonders of the block chain (yes, that again) has been building her amazing start-up, Provenance, which aims to help build transparency into our supply chains.

Ed, ably supported by a bag of Mexican Chapulines, interviews Jessi on how her journey started, and explores transparency in our supply chain.

Stay tuned for more to come!



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