02 – The Trumpalypse | Pointless Futures | The Future of Work

Join top selling author and futurist, Mark Stevenson and leading sustainability expert, Ed Gillespie as they ask better questions to help us all imagine and build a better future. It’s not about keeping calm and carrying on, no, it’s about getting excited and doing things.

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Show Notes

In this podcast, Mark and Ed discuss the oncoming Trumpalypse (and some etymology for good measure), the Futurenauts office, populism and the last cry of the Petrostates, the smorgasbord of pointless futures at the Consumer Electronics Show in LA and the future of work (which may or may not involve dancing).


The Oxford Martin Institute at Oxford – Study on the Future of Employment

Mark is talking at:

Finally, Mark and Ed will be bringing a Futurenauts show to Hay-on-Wye literature festival later this year.

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