05 – Cathy Runciman

Join top selling author and futurist, Mark Stevenson and leading sustainability expert, Ed Gillespie as they ask better questions to help us all imagine and build a better future. It’s not about keeping calm and carrying on, no, it’s about getting excited and doing things.

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Show Notes

In this special “strong and stable” election show, Mark and Ed interview the magnificent co-founder of the Atlas of the Future and former Managing Director of Time Out International, Cathy Runciman. The Futurenauts now form part of the Atlas of the Future, which aims to democratise the future and raise the profiles of the people and projects working to create a better world. Hurrah!

Mark and Ed also explore some ideas for how to transform and get the UK future ready that are not being discussed in the election campaigns of any of the major parties and we draw this first series of the Futurenauts to a close. But fear not! We will be back in the near future with Series 2 and even more pragmatic optimism for the future!


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